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Laser for Toenail Fungus

  • Over 90% Effective
  • NO Anesthesia Needed!
  • NO Downtime From Work OR Exercise! 
  • Immediate Return To Shoes & Nail Polish!
  • Results Assured 
  • COSMETIC SERVICE: 3 Treatments, 1 Price** (Not Covered By Health Insurance) 
  • **Office Vist Exam, Topical & Other Medications Separate Charges** 

Beautiful natural looking toenails with a pain-free laser treatment! Toenail fungus can be ugly, smelly, painful, and very difficult to treat. Have your toes been keeping you from wearing sandals, open toe shoes, or even walking barefoot on the beach? Why keep your feet in the dark! Come to Lloyd Podiatry and bring your toes to light!

What Is Toenail Fungus?

Toenail fungus is a tenacious condition that causes nails to thicken, change colors, and give off foul odors. The fungus eats your nail making it weaker, and more susceptible to more serious Staph infections. Historically, treatment options have been limited to nail removal, topical solutions, creams, and pills. Solutions and creams reduce the fungus, but cannot penetrate deep under the nail where the fungus breeds. Pills are more effective, but some people have drug allergies or liver disease which prevents them from taking medication. Now, we have a new weapon in our battle against toenail fungus! Penetrating the nail to kill the fungus, the laser brings gentle, near-infrared light to where the fungus likes to hide and inactivates it without harming normal tissue. After 6-12 months most nails look significantly better and there is no need to keep your feet hidden!

Leader In Technology 

Dr. Lloyd, the developer of Lloyd Podiatry Group, is a leader in utilizing new technology and treatment options for the treatment of toenail fungus. Born in Chicago, he excelled at Marquette University, before attending medical school in Chicago and then advancing his passion of medicine in Indiana where he completed his residency and surgical fellowship. Dr. Lloyd has established medical practice locations in Fishers, Indiana and Anderson, Indiana. He is passionate about providing the highest level of care to his patients and welcomes the opportunity to care for patients from all walks of life and from all areas of the country.

Laser Procedure 

Cutera and Pinpointe lasers are the latest tools in the treatment of toenail fungus. The laser destroys the cellular elements in the fungus, which live under the nail.

I like to think of the Laser treatment as natural sunlight concentrated down to a specific wavelength. Unlike natural sunlight that kills surface fungus, the light beam is so powerful that it penetrates that toenail. Microbursts of laser light particles penetrate and overwhelm the fungal cells to inactivate them. Occasionally, there is a very mild warming of the nail as the fungal killing energy is released into the nail.

To prepare the toenails for treatment, they are gently thinned with a micro bur that cools and sanitizes your nails with an anti-microbial mist. Next, an anti-fungal footbath is used to reduce the fungal build up on the skin of the feet and ankles. This is necessary to reduce the risk of re-infection after inactivation with the Cutera or Pinpointe laser.

The laser treatment begins with microbursts of the laser beam equally distributed over each infected toenail to “scrub” the nail of infection. Sometimes the patient experiences a little warming with the treatment, but never enough to require anesthesia. The laser treatment is completed in 20-30 minutes and the patient is free to resume all normal activities, including nail polish. Recommendations will be made on how to manage your nail conditions and a follow up is scheduled in 4 and 8 months. In severe and stubborn nail infections, sometimes safe oral medications are used to penetrate the nail root. Noticeable nail clearing may begin in 3-4 months. After 6-12 months most nails look significantly better and there is no need to keep your feet hidden! Let the sunshine in!

Laser FAQs

Can fungus toenail infections spread to other parts of my body?

If you have a fungus living in only one of your toenails, it is very likely that it is also living in a dormant form under other toenails and on your skin. As it breeds, it breaks down your healthy toenails and skin, and makes them more porous for other more dangerous germs to penetrate your body.

Why is there a laser treatment for fungal toenails?

For many years, only creams or pills were available to treat the fungal infection. Creams cannot penetrate beneath the nail surface, and pills sometimes have side effects. Now, Dr. Lloyd is pioneering a new laser treatment that essentially creates the sun's natural energy and concentrates it into a beam of light that inactivates the fungus and other germs under the nail plate.

How does the laser work?

The laser light passes through the toenail without causing damage to the nail or the surrounding skin. The laser beam kills the fungus and other germs. The new toenail takes 6-12 months to grow in, but results are often seen in as little as 3 months. Success rates vary, but Dr. Lloyd is achieving nail clearing in 92% of his patients, which is better than the 50-70% of anti-fungal pills alone.

Is the procedure painful?

Most people feel no pain. Some people feel a warming sensation that rapidly diminishes. Because of this, people who have a complete loss of sensation or blood flow should not have the procedure performed.

How do I prepare for my visit?

At home, remove all nail polish and jewelry from the feet and ankles.

What can I expect on my visit?

A consultation with Dr. Lloyd, a nail prep procedure to maximize the effectiveness of the laser, and the actual laser procedure which takes approximately 30 minutes.

Is there a recovery period?

No. Just walk in and walk out.

How long does the procedure take?

The actual laser procedure takes about 30 minutes, but allow approximately 1 hour for your visit.

Why do all nails have to be treated?

It is recommended to treat all nails even if there is not a visible infection. If price is a barrier to full treatment, pick your worse nails, and come back later for the others.

Will the fungus come back?

The infection usually improves following one treatment. There is a chance of re-infection because the fungus is present everywhere in the environment, but Dr. Lloyd will give you home care options to minimize recurrence.

How much experience have you had?

Dr. Lloyd has used lasers extensively in his 20+ years of practice and has experience since 2009 with the Cutera and Pinpointe lasers treating thousands of infections. In fact, Dr. Lloyd was the first laser center in Indiana to use the powerful Cutera laser in treating toenail and fingernail disease. When results matter, choose Lloyd Podiatry!

When can I paint my nails or have a pedicure?

You can apply polish immediately after the treatment, but anti-fungal nail polish is recommended. Traditional nail polish tends to yellow the nails, hiding improvements.

How do I pay for the procedure?

We accept cash and credit cards.

Is this covered by my insurance?

This procedure is considered cosmetic and therefore health insurance does not provide coverage.

How much does it cost?

There are three fee categories associated with your treatment each visit:

Office Visit exam fee —Medical evaluation and management by Dr. Lawrence Lloyd, a Board Certified Podiatrist.
($90-$120 billed to insurance)

Laser Procedure(s)—Resurfacing and prepping of all nails, anti-fungal foot bath, and the Laser Scrubbing of the nail fungus in all the toenails to weaken and clear the disease. The initial laser procedures is due before the service and payable with credit card or cash. This is a one-time fee at the first visit. This is a cosmetic procedure and is not billed to insurance. ( 2024 price $1545 cash or credit card). Dr. Lloyd recommends that you return at the fourth month and the eighth month for a courtesy laser procedure. There is no charge for this procedure, but there will be an office visit charge for evaluation and management.

Specialized Products and Medications—
Combination Therapy increases the effectiveness of the laser. On the first visit, you will purchase an anti-fungal nail solution ($62.00) and antifungal skin cream ($46.00), and an anti-fungal shoe spray ($19.00).

Any oral prescription medications are usually purchased through your insurance at the pharmacy. (insurance allowed amount ??) Most of our prescribed medications are inexpensive even without insurance.

You may also be interested in our anti-fungal soap, shoe disinfectants for fungus, molds, and bacteria, nail vitamins, and skin creams to ensure proper nutrition and vitality to your skin and nails.

Value—Over the last 13 years, Dr. Lloyd has performed the most laser nail procedures in the state of Indiana utilizing the Cutera nail laser. We offer the most comprehensive, thorough nail fungus treatment and have treated thousands of patients. Check out Lloyd Podiatry or Lloyd Podiatry Group on YouTube and see how satisfied patients have been with our successful treatment!

Who developed this laser procedure?

Leading researchers and medical professionals working together for 20 years with funding provided by the National Institute of Health developed the technology in the patented FootLaser.

Where are you located?

Medical Clinics Located In Two Convenient Locations:

13914 Southeastern Pkwy Suite 301 Fishers, IN 46037

2117 E. 5th. St. Anderson, IN 46012

How can I schedule a treatment?

Call Lloyd Podiatry today at (317) 842-1361 for our Fishers office or (765) 642-3000  for our Anderson office!

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