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Words from our patients

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    "I have had two, pre-care, separate surgeries, and post-care with Dr. Lloyd as my physician/surgeon and would never go anywhere else."

    Julie B.
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    " found the Lloyd Podiatry staff skilled and thorough, careful and caring. Dr. Lloyd noticed a difficulty that went beyond the presenting problem."

    Eugene R.
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    "Dr. Lloyd. After several treatments and months later, my toes look fantastic and I am no longer embarrassed to wear sandals. I’m more confident and my feet look better."

    Dave G.
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    "Dr. Lloyd and his entire staff were amazing from start to finish! In less than 48 hrs they helped me relieve foot pain I'd had for 15 years."

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    " have found Dr. Lloyd to be both cordial and professional. I have had treatment for nail fungus with success."

    James I.
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    "I have NEVER had to wait, I walk in, get called back immediately. I am to have another one removed in a couple of weeks. I would highly recommend his services."

    Carolyn S.